How escorts set prices

Life of a professional escort is hectic. She has to take care of their appearance and manage her agenda properly. Because she always has to look great, she needs to be perfectly dressed and impeccably arranged from head to toes. Her manners, style and looks are criteria that make her different and accordingly to these factors she will set the prices.
Should you consider the hourly rate?

Because some clients need to see you for only a couple of hours, to serve dinner or attend to a business meeting together, you are probably tempted to set an hourly date. However, many of your customers might want to prolong your appointment once they will get to see you. The meeting will be followed by a night out in a fancy club, where you will have fun, dance and drink all night long. In this case, a full-night price will be more convenient and your client will be tempted to see you again.

You will often be invited to accompany your clients in their vacation, so that you must establish a price for this entire period. Do not forget meals and accommodation, neither. You will be away from home and your expenses must be covered. In addition to this, you might neglect some of your other customers and you can lose them – hence consider all these details when you will set the prices.

Some escorts from gain several hundreds of dollars in 2 hours, while others can set a price of several thousand for the same period. It depends on the escort’s characteristics, aptitudes and talents. As long as your clients agree to meet you, you know that the prices you set are correct. However, you should always consider the location and requirements of your clientele before scheduling an appointment and establishing the price. If they really want the best escort services, they are willing to pay as much as you ask.